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Victoria is a young girl, a Colombian hottie, new in the office. She likes hot short dresses quite a lot, and many a time I've noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. I reckon she wants to get on the nice side with my boss, but she doesn't seem to be thrown back when I stare at her crotch everytime I need some rest. Today she looks openly provocative, in spite of me staring directly at her pussy she, far from getting scared, is opening her legs so I can have a good look of that tight pussy opened for me, just like a spring flower. It's decided, I'm inviting her to a coffe in the parlour. It's only she and me left in the office, and I think her way of insinuating means today is TOTALLY THE DAY.



Fakings VR

FAKings: amateur porn videos and homemade sex. In the last 6 years FAKings has become the synonymous for Spanish amateur porn. Here you’ll find free porn videos of every kind, the ones you like, our ons: hidden camera porn, real swinger couples, runaway schoolgirls and girls who celebrate their 18th birthday filming porn, real cuckolds willing or not, voyeur Spanish videos filmed in our Spanish beaches and never seen in Spain. Want more? Then get inside our FAKings universe :-)

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